Taj Residencia is your latest officially recognized upscale residence in Islamabad. It was built mostly by the Sardar Group of Companies, which is renowned for completing projects on time and consistently outperforming its competitors.

It is close to the I-14 sector in Islamabad. One such exceptional addition that has boosted the city’s market for residential housing was Taj Residencia. A Sardar Group of Companies, who are the project’s owners, have already finished building Islamabad’s architectural masterpiece “The Centaurus.”

It is intended to provide Pakistanis with a wonderful dreamland where they may live the luxurious lifestyle of their desire. Due to its faultless design, creative layout, and extraordinary amenities, it also should show to be a priceless pearl given to the crowns of beauties and peace of twin cities.

They have received widespread praise for how The Centaurus was built and designed, which says volumes about the remarkable presence and spectacular make excellence of the vehicle. Taj Housing Society will add another magnificent building to its resume.

Builders of Taj Residencia:

The Sardar Group of Companies was an Iraqi company that traded and rented cars in the automobile sector. The Centaurus Mall, one of Pakistan’s greatest prominent development complexes, was one of their investments as they chose to grow. Following its popularity, the business made the decision to engage in Taj Residencia, a housing development.

Sardar Group originated in Iran. They used to work in the automobile sector, especially in sales and leases of vehicles. Eventually, the company made the decision to enter Pakistan’s market for real estate and begin work on The Centaurus Mall, their initial large-scale construction project.

Their self-explanatory prior successes are sufficient to guarantee the accomplishment of its residential development, such as Taj Residencia.

NOC of Taj Residencia:

The NOC (No Objection Certificate), which has enabled the community to design and build the town in advance, has been authorized by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The appropriate officials have taken care of the procedural procedures of Taj Residencia.

Location of Taj Residencia:

Taj Residencia’s position was ideal for those who wish to be close to the city while still being quiet. On Lakhu Road, across from CDA sectors, I-14 and I-15 Islamabad were where you’ll find Taj Residency. Taj Residencia generally has two operating gates and one that is being built. The I-14 Link Highway was home to the first gate, while section I-16 is the location of the second entry. A further gate would eventually connect Taj Residencia to Rawalpindi Ring Road, giving M2 Motorway at Thalian Crossing immediate accessibility to Lakhu Road.

Approximate Area of Land Covered by Taj Residencia:

Taj Residencia has an area of more than 10,000 Kanals. The first phase of construction will take place in this region. For its expansion, a sizable portion of land has already been set aside. The Taj Residencia will eventually be substantially expanded, according to the developers.

Despite being so near to Islamabad, the Taj Residencia falls under RDA and not CDA. To expand more, Taj Residencia was situated close to Islamabad’s I-14, I-15, and I-16 Areas, yet its property is from Rawalpindi’s authority.

Neighborhood Landmarks:

There are numerous things to take into account when a business owner is looking for land to invest in. Among the most important things is the position. The neighborhood is important while purchasing a home, whether for pleasure or financial purposes. The area provides people with a sense of security, therefore the reasoning. Additionally, having daily necessities near at hand is crucial for a life free of stress. Whenever you enter into a contract, be sure the site is simple to get from the city’s top sights. The Taj Residencia MIVIDA City Islamabad was situated near Islamabad in a central area.

Taj Residencia Construction:

Among the eleven blocks, around four are now in the growing period. A, B, C, and D, respectively, are the names of these constructed blocks. Within the next year, it’s anticipated that individuals would begin residing in the constructed blocks.

Facilities and Amenities:

The project’s proprietors have ensured that all inhabitants have access to modern, pleasant amenities in Taj Residencia. Here are a few high-end, contemporary features that seem to be unmatched in Pakistan at affordable prices.
A few of the facilities were the following:

Modernized facilities:

The residential community is working to develop a healthy transportation system to meet the needs of drivers, walkers, cyclists, and other individuals who value their independence. The civilization will display a high-tech transportation network in Taj Residencia with more efficiency.

An upscale resort:

The administration intends of Taj Residencia to build a unique, five-star hotel that would be exclusive and provide its occupants with an extravagant lifestyle. At affordable pricing, the amenities will meet global standards.

Urban Fashion:

Basic civic civilization has changed as a result of life in multicultural cities. All current amenities would be accessible in this society’s metropolitan environment. This is the reason why the residential societies were anticipated to be fully contemporary living complexes with a very urbane environment.

Forest Safari:

The builders have intended to construct a gorgeous and genuine Jungle Safari that would offer a distinct encounter unlike anything else in order to give the locals a distinctive way of life

Riding club:

For the inhabitants to experience a traditional existence, the builders would create exclusive riding clubs that provide one-of-a-kind, world-grade horse riding amenities. The horses would be of a breed that is well-known around the world and handled by top-tier horsemen.

Botanical Garden:

A botanical garden would be provided in Taj Residencia by the organization to create a modernized living that is in close proximity to nature. An experience unlike any other housing society in Pakistan would be offered by the near proximity to nature.

Individuals soon become more isolated from their native surroundings, which has an impact on their well-being, as city life becomes more and busier. The development of this nature preserve is part of society’s effort to promote healthy and environmentally friendly living.

Sustainable Ecosystem:

The Taj Residencia’s residential society was designed in a way that guaranteed the preservation of the environment. They make sure that the wild environments of the neighboring environment were not disturbed. As a result, Taj Residencia transforms into a serene setting where inhabitants may enjoy a peaceful environment.

Large Mosque:

The requirements of the populace, including their religious requirements, will be met by society. In Taj Residencia the builders were constructing a stunning, large Jamia mosque for this. Those mosques would be sophisticated mosques with cutting-edge designs and construction.

Water Storage Tank:

The Taj Residencia carefully considered the water requirements of the occupants. Two lakes were created designed for this reason in order to conserve a significant volume of freshwater used by households for everyday tasks. To guarantee that the citizens have access to pure drinkable water, filtration facilities would be a component of society.

Petrol Station:

As was already said, this civilization would be unique. It is exemplified by the construction of a specialized petrol station so that locals won’t have to leave the community to fill up their cars with gas.


Any group must include the cemetery. The locals may decide to buried their departed loved ones and wish for their prosperity in the hereafter because both death and living were a natural part of it. Visitors could also pay a visit to loved ones’ graves in the community.

Taj Residencia Plot for sale:

Since no one size fits all, the organization has provided many different site sizes with the options of standard, corner, park, or major boulevard facing. The Dream Villas have been fully constructed and were available for purchase. To secure a plot, act quickly before these were all taken.
The following sizes were offered for housing plots:

Check at the sizes which are offered for a plot at The Dream Villas, which include::

Taj Residencia Paymnet Plans

1 year Payment Plan of Taj Residencia

2.5 years Payment Plan of Taj Residencia

1.5 year Payment Plan of Taj Residencia (possessionable)

4 years Payment Plan of Taj Residencia(3.5 marla residential plot)

4 years Payment Plan of Taj Residencia(5 marla residential plot)

4 years Payment Plan of Taj Residencia(8 marla residential plot)

1.5 years Payment Plan of dream villas(taj residencia)

Taj Residencia Plot for sale:

There are people living at Taj Residencia. The residents were guaranteed a good standard of living, friendliness, and a secure environment. The society is also conveniently located near CDA sectors I-14 and I-15 and just next to Link Road, making it simple to reach the Capital.

Most of the houses have already been rented, and the constructed blocks were in great demand. Future rates are thus only expected to rise. Plots are further needed for instant possession right after the deposit for a house! It suggests that you should be capable of starting work on your property immediately.

In addition, Taj Residencial Group offers a luxurious living option—your ideal house! with the most modern comforts and a great location. Taj’s road map is also constructed in a manner that helps to drive a short distance and locate whatever you want. There are several facilities accessible, including hospitals, schools, shops, Carrefour, and much more.

Special focus is paid to health facilities and airports so that Taj residencia may get there in a crisis in under five to ten minutes. There are no significant disruptions in either of the core services, which include coal, sewage, electricity, and other goods. Additionally, as the architects proceed to construct phase 2 after phase 1, the Taj Residencial Society’s growth possibilities seem promising.


Taj Residencia was exceptional in a variety of ways. First of all, it is a well-planned community with every square inch of land prepared in accordance with international home construction norms. Consumers, both residential and commercial, have access to options that are unmatched and unmatched.

The community has its own Safari Gardens, Commercial Facilities, Starting to play Regions, Royal Clubs and Communities, Botanical Gardens, Safety and Educational Institutions, Great Masjid. And most importantly, the Centaurus 2, which is a mega-mall that can meet all of your necessities for dining, shopping, enjoyment, and outings.

The distinctive characteristics of Taj Residencia was also mentioned above for your convenience. So, you may scan them fast and envision the magnificent environment and lifestyles of the community you are going to invest in.