Park View City is a housing society in Islamabad. Positioned in the pleasant hillside area of Islamabad’s gorgeous greenery In Zone IV of Islamabad, there is a CDA-approved development called Park View City. One of the owners is Park View City Vision Group. One of Islamabad’s most well-liked housing societies is Park View City, founded by the Vision Group. High-quality housing alternatives are available in Park View City Islamabad for both residential and commercial locations. The company also intended to sell finished villas and houses under the Park View Homes brand. Park View City is an innovative housing development that has already been created to meet everyone’s needs, from homes and businesses to the original Park View. 

In the center of the nation’s capital, Park View City Islamabad, would be a brand-new and highly awaited real estate development. Because of a variety of factors, society, particularly businessmen and locals, has been patiently waiting for such a development.

First and foremost, the project’s site seems to be quite advantageous because it is situated in zone IV of CDA, one of Islamabad’s highly sought-after areas. Furthermore, Islamabad is a market differentiator due to its essence of tranquility and surrounding conditions. For this reason, it has also been the primary option for many to spend their hard-earned money in the real estate industry.

In the center of the capital, Park View City islamabad epitomizes elegance and tranquility. There are several factors to take into account while looking for the ideal relative’s community, including schools, healthcare, and other necessary infrastructure.

Another priceless gem in Islamabad was Park View City, a modern home development with a perspective of the Margalla Hills just like its primary draw. The ideal dreamlike and surreal existence with the beautiful scenery of the Nature Center is what it is intended to offer. “investor’s heaven” is the term used to describe it.

Location of Park View City:

The most important aspect of successful real estate transactions is location. This element is so important that the majority of seasoned and knowledgeable real estate investors rank location as their #1 concern when looking to purchase a home.

Park View City islamabad is a symbol of a place! There are other residential complexes nearby, but most of these do not benefit from the prime location near three major streets with the tranquil Islamabad Park and Botanical Parks as a background in the midst of Margallas. PVC Islamabad was situated next to the CDA-commissioned Park Enclave and just across the wonderfully constructed Bahria Enclave.

Park View City in Islamabad is easily accessible from Kurri Road. The area is incredibly alluring, and it is going to become everyone’s ideal address.

  • Center of Islamabad Zone 4
  • Mesmerizing View of Bani Gala
  • Mesmeriizing View of Margala Hills
  • At Molat road
  • 5 Minutes Away from Bahria enclave
  • 5 Minutes Away from Kashmir Highway
  • 2 Minutes Away from Chak Shazad
  • 5-10 Minutes Away from Islamabad Expressway
  • 5-10 Minutes Away from Sarena Hotel

NOC of Park View City Islamabad:

Any residential project needs constitutional power to acquire the trust of the new residents and develop a glad community. The CDA (Capital Development Authority) will soon accept the Park View City NOC (NO Objection Certification), making it fully legal. For any residential project, constitutional authority is crucial to gaining the new residents’ credibility and promoting a cheerful society.

Park View City Owners and Developers:

Park View City, constructed by Vision Group with architectural style and techniques, has emerged as one of Islamabad’s most sought-after residential properties. Aleem Khan, a senior and active representative of PTI, owns Vision Group. This is the very first initiative of Vision Group in Islamabad.

Vision Group was formed in 2012 and has successfully completed ground-breaking projects in real estate. In even less than a decade, Vision Group has dominated the Pakistani real estate market and developed itself as one of the nation’s most dependable and reputable development firms.

Park View by Vision Group is a project that strives for perfection by having one of the most vibrant residential developments in the area.

The firm’s goal is to establish glamorous living in vibrant urban cities through different interpretations and urban landscape developments. The concept of Vision Group’s projects that enable suitable and luxurious living features stylish aesthetic value and advanced features.

Vision Group Projects:

Vision Group Has Completed An Incredible Amount Of Real Estate Projects Since Its Founding In 2012. Vision Group Has Succeeded In Pakistan’s Real Estate Market As One Of The Most Reliable And Reputable Developing Companies In The Area. One of the most abundant housing developments is the Park View Project by Vision Group, which strives for excellence. Vision Group creates luxurious and practical living spaces by fusing contemporary functionality with elegant aesthetics.

The vision group has successfully completed several great projects with outstanding unique architectural aspects. listed below are some of the vision group’s notable projects.

Residential Plots in Park View City Islamabad:

The following blocks are accessible in Park View City Islamabad’s residential category:

Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate:

Golf Estate at Park View City Islamabad is a brand name with a luxurious lifestyle, elegance, and the most appropriate facilities to meet the ideal residing experience. Golf Estate is an enterprise with residential properties that include the best and most comfortable amenities accessible in a fantasy way of life. Golf Estate offers residential plots of 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Commercial Downtown

Commercial plots of Park View City  start from 6 Marla sizes (B-Comm). The total price for the 6 Marla  plots is 70,000,000 PKR  his down payment is 17,500,000.The Balance payment is 52,500,000  and  6 Quarterly installments are 8,750,000.

Similarly! The 6 Marla sizes (C-Comm). The total price for the 6 Marla  plots is 70,000,000 PKR  his down payment is 17,500,000.The Balance payment is 52,500,000  and  6 Quarterly installments are 8,750,000.

The 8 Marla sizes (D-Comm). The total price for the 8 Marla  plots is 90,000,000 PKR  his down payment is 22,500,000.The Balance payment is 67,500,000  and  6 Quarterly installments are 11,250,000.

The 8 Marla sizes Lake Facing (A-Comm). The total price for the 8 Marla  plots is 100,000,000 PKR  his down payment is 25,000,000.The Balance payment is 75,000,000  and  6 Quarterly installments are 12,500,000.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block

Overseas Block of Park View City  start from 5 Marla plot sizes. The total price for the 5 Marla  plots is 7,000,000 PKR  his down payment 25% is 1,750,000.The Balance payment is 5,250,000  and  8 Quarterly installments are 696,250.

The 10 Marla plot sizes. The total price for the 10 Marla  plots is 12,500,000 PKR  his down payment 25% is 3,125,000.The Balance payment is 9,375,000  and  8 Quarterly installments are 1,171,875.

The 1 Kanal plot sizes. The total price for the 1 Kanal plots is 30,000,000 PKR  his down payment 25% is 7,500,000.The Balance payment is 22,500,000  and  8 Quarterly installments are 2,812,500.

Old Payment Plan

Overseas Commercial Old payment plan of Park View City come in 5 Marla plot sizes. The total price for the 5 Marla  plots is 30,000,000 PKR  his down payment 25% is 7,500,000.The Balance payment is 22,500,000  and  8 Quarterly installments are 2,812,500.

New Payment Plan

Residential Plots of 5 Marla:

A three-year payment schedule is available for The Overseas Block. Plots of 5 Marla can be reserved for merely 10%. In contrast, the block would have a unique gate and focused medical and educational services with a 25% discount. Free Wi-Fi will be available in the international section to keep you informed and connected so you can feel connected.

Residential Plots of 7 Marla:

7 marla in H block is a stunning location with a wonderful blend of modern and urban lifestyles. The 7-marla size ranges in the H block from 30 to 60.

A great project with outstanding facilities for everyone is Park View City Islamabad. The town’s popularity is rising thanks to the developers’ special addition, Overseas Block.
Unquestionably, it will contain all of the global qualities. It’s a carefully planned block that will ensure that relocated Pakistanis from abroad have no issues.
The developers felt forced to build this block due to the large number of Pakistanis living abroad who are looking for a decent area to live in. The residence in the property not only looks wonderful, but it also provides a lot of economic potential. There is no cause to doubt the efficiency of this block.

Park View City Islamabad's Overseas Block Location:

The location of this block is perfect, as it is close to Gate 1. The block is also close to the commercial area. This indicates that, moreover to a luxurious lifestyle, this town offers a variety of investment options. It has plots of 5,10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

Overseas Block Amenities:

The architects were not only concerned with making the block look nice, but also with ensuring that the residents’ necessities were met. These blocks’ amenities are as follows:

Park View City Islamabad Terrace C-Block:

The height of grace and grandeur is Terrace Apartments. 10 Marla plots with all necessary and modern amenities are available in The Terrace C-Block.

Park View City Islamabad Terrace Apartments:

Any city would be better off with apartments. and in particular for individuals who choose to live in a compact, livable space rather than a large house. If you fall into that category, an apartment is undoubtedly what you need. Terrace Apartments from Park View City are available in two and three distinct bed sizes.

The Walk

Hills Estate

J Block

H Block

F Block

Golf Estate:

Residential Plots of 3.5 Marla:

In Block K of Park View City, you can get 3.5 Marla plots for installment payments. The plot can be reserved with a 20% down payment, and the remaining balance can be paid in 30 convenient monthly installments.

Residential Plots of 10 Marla:

A three-year payment schedule is available for The Overseas Block. Ten Marla plots can be reserved for just ten percent. In contrast, the block would have a distinct gate and specialized educational and medical facilities with a 25% discount.

Why Park View City?
Beautiful surroundings:

Park View City Islamabad is located on a stunning hill covered by nature. While staying close to the major city, you can take in stunning views and a pleasant atmosphere.

High-tech security system:

A high-tech system of trustworthy video surveillance has been implemented from across the community to suit the needs of its inhabitants and visitors for everyone’s security in Park View City.

Underground power supply:

PVC has an underlying electrical infrastructure that is supported by generators to maintain electricity, as load flow or power loss is seen as a serious threat to enterprises across the nation.

Broad Streets & Main Boulevard:

One of the biggest and most recognizable constructions in the residential project, the PVC main boulevard is a huge 200 feet long one. A bright aspect is given off by the lovely foliage on the side.

Educational Facilities:

PVC Islamabad aims to offer citizens top-notch educational institutions Inside its boundaries. In order to accomplish this, the management, which includes the owners, is in touch with numerous small- and large-scale educational institutions.

Thriving Community:

There are many chances for investment and business in Park View City, a booming region. The city includes everything from top-rated educational institutes to cutting-edge healthcare services because it was planned well with the modern family in mind. A lively commercial area full of cafes, shops, and entertainment options can be found in Park View City.

Park View City is a fantastic spot to buy commercial land. PVC has a strong market for commercial properties due to its rising economy and population. There are many enterprises and amenities in the city, and with the extension of the city boundaries, there are many possibilities for future development.

Pros of Park View City:
Ideal Location:

Malot Road, where Park View City is situated, is approximately 15 minutes by car from Kashmir Highway. It is readily linked to the main city and is comparably similar. The PVC housing scheme also benefits from the adjacent highlands and hills in Bani Gala. It includes all of the amenities found in other housing communities, such as Capital Smart City.

Commercial area:

The main road of Park View City Housing Company is 200 feet wide. The industrial area is located immediately after the entrance. Residential employees are added to industrial and manufacturing enterprises in commercial regions, increasing the residences and value of a society’s way of life.

Park View City is an Eco-Friendly Society:

There are reportedly more than 150,000 trees in Park View City. Park View City contains a lot of organic wood plants and is environmentally sustainable, which is one of its key benefits.

This project draws a lot of interest considering the Chak Shahzad region, well known for its elegance. It is commonly known that Park View City Islamabad offers a fashionable and secure atmosphere. Whenever you purchase a property in Park View City Islamabad, you will never be unsatisfied regarding the location. Environmental surveys claim that locals benefit greatly from the area’s dense forest cover. Green housing projects are popping up from time to time.

Due to Park View City Islamabad’s position and location on a map, housing firms like Capital Smart City are creating eco-friendly programs, thus Park View City shouldn’t make any efforts in this area. As a leader in green property standards, Park View City Islamabad consistently innovates first. In order to address environmental issues and combat climate change, Park View City has created environmental initiatives for its residential projects.

A committee of experts was tasked with investigating the environment. Pakistan launched the Plant4Pakistan project and supported the planting evolution. Park View City made the decision to take part in the campaign as well. Every state must have 25% forest on its land, but Pakistan’s territories only have 3% of them, based on a 2017 UN statement. Pakistan is ranked fifth in the globe for the long-term effects of climate change, as per the Global Climate Risk Index.


Park View will be one of Islamabad’s greatest societies after being successfully implemented, and the whole concept for society is amazing. All things considered, Park View appears to be a solid investment opportunity for both local residents and businesses.