Avalon City Islamabad


Avalon City Islamabad is a future modern home development society in Islamabad. The cost, location, and top-notch amenities of Society have drawn the attention of prospective homeowners and businesses. This cutting-edge project is intended to offer a technologically equipped society with cutting-edge services and comforts.
The first society in Pakistan to draw a tech-savvy population, this one claims to offer premium features at a competitive price. Because of its reputable owners, developers, and designers, Avalon City Islamabad is a trusted apex in real estate.
Owners, developers, and designers make up the three main components of any society. All of it is in Avalon City Islamabad. Also, since many buyers prefer to participate in projects with a solid history, this program is designated as a “Low-Cost Investment Opportunity

Owners and Developers of Avalon City Islamabad:

Avalon City Islamabad is accompanied by the finest, as ex-governor Sindh Imran Ismail owns it. Imran Ismail is the chairman and owner of Avalon City Islamabad.
ZKB Developers designed Avalon City Islamabad following state and global standards for infrastructure construction. The builders of the Avalon residential project have committed to providing the best facilities at reasonable costs. The project is being worked on by an extremely competent group of professionals in a manner that would meet the buyers’ requirements.
Avalon City Islamabad is purposefully built and created to provide a special kind of luxury that has never been seen previously in Islamabad. The builders are committed to creating a distinct category of housing communities. Rechargeable motorcycles, holographic theatres, and other digital elements will all be part of the civilization.

Projects of ZKB Developers:

As a top building business, ZKB manages programs in a variety of industries, including electricity, transport networks, infrastructure projects, pipelines for oil and gas construction, drinkable water, water management, and city transportation systems. Each of these factors affects the nation’s population and also the growth of its individuals.
ZKB has completed over 152 development operations, which include all facets of the building. They successfully finished projects all around Pakistan, ranging from major roadways to hydropower. Several of these constructions are significant as they hold landmark status.
ZKB Engineers and Constructors has accomplished many things, including connecting millions of people in far-off communities, transporting them there, and cutting transportation times by up to 70%.
Avalon City Islamabad’s designers and architects are well Urban Solutions PVT LTD, a company with a reputation for completing some good initiatives. Avalon City has cleared up any confusion about becoming a reputable and reliable undertaking for all funds by using these reliable identities.

NOC status of Avalon City Islamabad:

The relevant organizations would shortly issue Avalon City Islamabad’s No Objection Certificate. As a result, the housing societies would be recognized by the government as well as its members will be eligible for all of its advantages. As a result, the property gains higher significance and would become a decent investment.
The site’s value will improve thanks to the residential society’s NOC for making it a sound asset. The owners are impatiently awaiting the NOC’s permission to sell the units while the community is still being built. The community would rank among Islamabad’s most desirable residential developments after the NOC is obtained.

Why invest in Avalon city Islamabad?

Prime Location:

Avalon’s Prime Location makes it different from many other housing societies. It is situated right on Islamabad’s main Shri Road. Additionally, the projected Rawalpindi Ring Road & Chakri Motorway Interchange are close there.

Gated Zone:

Avalon City Islamabad is a thoughtfully designed residential area that prioritizes the security of its members. To guarantee that only permitted individuals can access the residential community, go-through gates were built at the openings.

Security of Avalon City Islamabad:

Residents’ safety is guaranteed by Security Avalon City Islamabad in several methods, including a protected entry, guards on duty around-the-clock, and Surveillance cameras monitoring the Major Boulevard and Lanes.

Health Facilities in Avalon City Islamabad

The primary components of the lifestyle are the top-notch medical services that Avalon Islamabad provides, including hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions. Those are all expertly developed, constructed, and staffed under international standards.

Tech Enabled City of Avalon:

Avalon Tech Enablement There are 3D cinemas, digital theatres, Wi-Fi trees, electric scooters, smart traffic management, street lamps, generator, object & face identification technology, etc. in the innovative housing community of Islamabad, a place where everything is managed by the latest techniques.

Contemporary Architecture of Avalon City:

Avalon City Islamabad is a distinctive residential complex thanks to its cutting-edge layout and modern architectural styles. Being the first modern community in Pakistan, Avalon Islamabad offers its residents cutting-edge facilities and a variety of high-tech solutions to deal with their day-to-day issues.

World-Class Resources:

Your desires would happen thanks to Avalon City, which is transforming Pakistan’s real estate sector with some of its ground-breaking initiative to update lifestyles using new technologies. The Avalon Islamabad offers top-notch advantages, including massive, multimillion-dollar housing and commercial facilities in Islamabad that are comparable to Blue World City, Park View City, Multi Gardens Phase

Master Plan:

By utilizing cutting-edge innovation to improve the quality of life for its residents, the creators of Avalon City hope to transform the community into a digital hub.
Additionally, this initiative would include smart traffic management, street lights, generator, object and facial recognition technologies, digital portals, and numerous other modern elements.
2, Faisal Town Phase 2, and Kingdom Valley.

Location Of Avalon City Islamabad:

The closest site to the Islamabad International Airport at Chakri Road in Rawalpindi, Avalon City is located. On the other hand, the society’s position is considered a prime location because of its accessibility to the Chakri Motorway Interchange. Additionally, the Rawalpindi Ring Road improves the site, and massive property developments are being built close by.

Access Point of Avalon City Islamabad:

In Rawalpindi, Avalon City is situated on Chakri Road, and Chakri Road offers better access to residential development. The M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and the Chakri Road were linked by the Chakri Interchange. The following are the simple gateways through which society could be easily visited:

Nearby Places:

Avalon City Islamabad is close to all of the Rawalpindi Islamabad housing projects mentioned above. The corporate society would get immediate access to the above-mentioned society if they got ready to invest in them, which is another advantage of the region.

Total Land of Avalon City Islamabad:

The society’s managers and developers will extend a total land area of 10,000 Kanals. On the other side, the management also bought the land of the 2000 Kanal Abdullah City, housing project, which was being built on Chakri Road Rawalpindi next to Blue World City.

Facilities of Avalon City Islamabad:

Being a cutting-edge estate development, Avalon City Islamabad will offer its residents a variety of cutting-edge technology initiatives to solve their real-life problems as well as high-tech leisure options including 3D theatres, holographic theatres, electric motorbikes, and a free Wi-Fi atmosphere. Below are a few of the additional important amenities of this residential development.

Business Sector:

The demands of the project’s residents in terms of business are given priority by the architects. They, therefore, intended to create a business area inside the boundaries of this project. Large organizational offices, retail establishments, and shopping malls make up the majority of this industry. Many businesses, banks, and other company recruitment offices would have corporate offices.

Botanical Gardens:

Large botanical gardens will be constructed across various sectors of the program to shield the occupants from the hectic environment. These programs would be useful in supplying the locals with environmental conservation. This housing development can create substantial floral areas for a healthy approach following Prime Valley.

Carpeted Wide Roads:

Wide carpeted pathways throughout the entire home development will facilitate effective traffic movement. There will be broad boulevards, each size around 40 to 60 feet.

Education Facilities:

The developers of the home complex have also taken into account the occupants’ academic requirements. Large educational institutions and universities having foreign-trained faculty would be presented.

Grand Mosque:

The housing development’s Grand Mosque is a stunning addition to meet spiritual demands. Its exquisite and contemporary architecture is relaxing and soul-soothing. The Jamia Mosque is undergoing a period of tremendous development.

Health Facilities:

Health Facilities: Global guidelines for clinics and hospitals were created. The medical facilities will be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

How to purchase a plot in Avalon City Islamabad?

Get in touch with Alhadi22Marketing if you’re interested in purchasing one of the project’s available plots. Our sales representative will assist you in selecting the greatest property for this project.

Steps to Follow:
Payment plan:

The payment schedule at The Avalon City is straightforward and uncomplicated. On some plots, Avalon City does, however, provide a very reasonable payment schedule. Six semi-annual payments, or 36 monthly installments, are included in the three-year Avalon City Payment Plan. However, a 10% deposit with a 10% confirmation is required at the moment of plot booking.
In Residential Block, three categories of plots are offered.

The Avalon City Payment Schedule is as Follows.


Avalon City Islamabad will be one of the most successful housing developments, transforming the look of the entire city. The investors in this housing project would enjoy the best lifestyle at the lowest cost. Additionally, it will completely transform the twin cities’ real estate market and increase investment returns. We recommend that you contact the Alhadi22 office for additional details on this housing scheme. Our organization employs skilled developers that are willing to inform you of the program’s financial advantages.