F14 and F15 Sectors

F14 and F15 Sectors:

After receiving formal permission from the Pakistani Prime Minister on May 1, 2015, the Housing Authority’s Housing Scheme PHASE VII (F-14/15) was launched in 2015. According to age-wise seniority, registered members of the Phase-II Membership Drive are eligible for allocation under this system. Members of Cat-I, Cat-II, and Cat-III whose cases have matured based on seniority in age have received consent letters. As opposed to this, Provisional Offer letters are being given to the allottees who signed their agreement and paid the down payment.

Owners and developers:

F14 and F15 are the government sectors. These two sectors were established after getting approval from the prime minister of Pakistan.


F14 and f15 are located in islamabad. These sectors are very famous for their location. Because it comes in the main area of islamabad and are very known full sectors. These two sectors has specific qualities. 

Problem Solving:

Later on, however, the Supreme Court was also asked to rule on the question of the acquisition of land in sectors F-14 and F-15. The Supreme Court made rulings on a number of issues, including whether the acquisition of the land was made for a housing project that served a legitimate public purpose. Early in 2022, the FGEHA held a vote and distributed plot numbers to its members who fell under Membership Drive Phase-II, but regrettably neglected some of the individuals listed under Membership Drive Phase-I.As a result, the case was litigated before the IHC once more, which ruled that the allocation of plots to judges, bureaucrats, and government employees in the special sectors of the federal capital was “unconstitutional” and that this affected six currently serving judges as well as a number of former judges.

Master plan:

The PCRWR and FGEHA worked together to conduct groundwater recharge research, which successfully raised the subsurface water tables.Groundwater recharge at the eastern corner of the f14 and F15 sectors of the Green Belt, next to the tube well. Through the use of sand media, the location is effectively replenishing groundwater with extremely pure filtered water.

Facilities and amenities:

These sectors are full of facilities and amenities. They are providing every possible facilities.

Friendly environment:

Their environment is very friendly and welcoming. There is no lack of a beautiful environment. Residents can live their lives very peacefully.

Education system:

They are providing the best education system and skills training to the residents.  

Security system:

These sectors are fully secure by the management of the sectors. They are providing secure lives to the residents.


Roads are very clean and safe. Roads can be repaired on time. And residents have no complaints about roads in the F14 and F15 sectors. 

These sectors are owned by the government of Pakistan. They were established in 2015. 

F14 and F15 are located in islamabad.