Federal Government Housing Islamabad


Islamabad Federal Government Housing offers a wide range of facilities. Housing societies are growing more and more well-liked in Islamabad due to their many advantages. Numerous contemporary amenities are available there, including gated communities, 24-hour security, power, water, gas, parks, shopping malls, and other places for entertainment . Families might consider Islamabad housing societies because they are located in convenient areas and are close to numerous hospitals and schools. The housing societies in Islamabad can be seen as increasing demand for housing by citizens and investors. These societies offer a variety of housing options to suit different budgets, from affordable housing to luxurious villas and apartments to know more about housing societies in Islamabad you can get in touch with for better guidance.

NOC of Federal Government Housing Islamabad:

As Federal government housing is a government project and the government is making the project we don’t need to worry about the NOC for that its is 100% approved by the local development authorities.


With direct access from Street No 38, 10th Mauve Area, Sector G-10/4, G 10/4 G-10, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000. It is also one of those housing developments close to Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and the Quaid-e-Azam International hospital.

Benefits of Federal Government housing society:

Better Safety:

Housing societies in Islamabad offer much more safety than other neighborhoods. There are security guards who walk around the property, CCTV cameras, and gates that are locked at night. This lets people feel safe in their homes and go about their daily lives without worrying about their safety.

High-Quality Living:

Housing society in Islamabad offer high-quality living standards with modern amenities like parks, clubhouses, swimming pools, and gyms. This makes sure that the people who live there can live comfortably and enjoy their time at home.

Low Prices :

Federal Government has provided many low prices of housing in Islamabad. Many housing societies have low prices and a variety of places to live. Families with money can find a home that works for them.

Easy Access:

Islamabad’s housing societies are well-connected, making it simple to access the city’s public transportation, educational institutions, medical facilities, and other essential services. People may easily access the services they require and travel to the places they must go because of this.

Living in a Community:

In Islamabad, housing societies help people feel like they are part of a neighbourhood. People can socialize in public, talk to their neighbours and get to know them. As a result, they are more likely to care for one another since they feel they are vital members of society.

Membership Drive:

To apply FGH Membership drive Phase-1,Phase-2 and Apartments membership open membership Portal, Now you can register and create your profile through the Members Login available at the top right corner of the FGH website. All the members are requested to check their credentials; in case of any query feedback area is also available on the Portal.

Mission and Objectives:

Federal Government Housing  (FGH) provides excellent, safe, cheap housing to qualifying federal government employees in Pakistan’s major cities. The housing authority offers families housing options and opportunities while collaborating with the public and private sectors.


The purpose of the Federal Government Housing is to plan and develop housing schemes for active and retired federal employees and other designated groups of people as determined from time to time by the Authority. The Authority strives to ensure that each of these individuals has a home at the time of retirement or earlier, as well as for his dependents in the event of his passing before retirement, on the terms that the Authority may decide.

To initiate, launch, sponsor, and implement housing schemes on an ownership basis in Islamabad, the provincial capitals, and other significant Pakistani cities for federal government employees who are currently employed and retired, as well as for other designated groups of people as determined from time to time by the Authority.

Terms and Conditions of Allotment:

Terms and conditions of allotment of all Phases.



Terms of Offer of Sale:

The residence under hire buy is being sold for cash or cash plus a loan. The landowners shall own the building structure of his unit as a result of the sale and lease that will be conducted in his favor.

Criteria for Selection:

The order of seniority inter of the applicants should be decided as follows in cases when the number of applications for a given category of dwelling under the scheme exceeds the number of houses available in that category;

1st Priority:

Those who don’t own a home in any major city in Pakistan, either in their names or the names of any family members.

2nd Priority:

Those who do not own a house Islamabad either in their name or in the name of any member of their family.


The applicant given any of the above priorities will be given seniority based on age, with the older applicant receiving seniority. The remaining 5% of plots will be distributed at the Chairman of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee’s discretion to the most deserving cases who cannot meet the requirements above. The decision made by the Executive Committee, Board of Governors, and Chairman is final and cannot be contested.

Membership Fee:

The applicants must pay a non-refundable membership fee of Rs. 250 at one of the specified National Bank of Pakistan branches in exchange for a bank receipt, the details of which must be included in the application.

Submission of Applications:

The Federal Government employees stationed at the following locations must submit applications on the prescribed form included with the brochure, along with a bank proposal or payment order for the amount specified in the booklet for the category of house applied for and drawn in favor of “HOUSING SCHEME FOR FEDERAL EMPLOYEES ON OWNERSHIP BASIS IN ISLAMABAD.”

Agreement with the Allotment:

The successful applicants will sign the terms and conditions, specifications, schedule of payment and application form etc; which will form the contract agreement with the selected ‘Builders’.

Confirmation of the Allotment:

The allotment and the terms and conditions of the allotment shall be subject to confirmation by the Executive Committee. The provisional allotment letter shall be issued after three months of such confirmation.

Price of House:

It should be noted that the cost of the land is provisional; as stated by the CDA, the construction cost has been calculated based on current rates without any provision for a contingency amount or an increase in labour and material prices during the execution of the scheme. As a result, a variation in the cost is possible and will only be known once the CDA has received tenders from the “Builders” and has set the final cost of the land. Any escalation shall be handled by the Finance Division’s directives and any guidelines that the Pakistan Public Works Department subsequently creates. Once the Executive Committee has given it the required permission, it will become effective. The fees associated with external.

Variations of the Size of Plots, Covered Area, Design and. Specification:

The tentative designs, specifications, and plans displayed in this brochure and any further plans provided by the chosen “Builders” and duly approved by the Executive Committee shall serve as the basis for determining the cost of houses erected on various-sized plots. However, the buyer will be responsible for additional fees or vice versa if the plot size, covered area, architectural plan, and specifications change to suit technical requirements.

Cost of Lease and Loan:
  1. The price of the residence does not include the cost of a lease or loan expenses. The price that the Executive Committee would approve based on bids submitted by authorized “Builders” would be the exact cost of construction.
  2. Availability of Loan from the H.B.F.C.
Terms of Offer:

Homes are available for a cost that must be paid in instalments. Many will become the owner of their home as a result of the sale and lease that will be signed in their favour.

Criteria for Eligibility:
  1. Federal Government employees fulfilling the following conditions shall be eligible to participate in this Scheme:-
  • who are employees of Federal Ministries, Divisions, Attach Department (declared as such and included in the Rules of Business, as amended from time to time) and their subordinate offices;
  • who are members of the regularly constituted Federal Services /Occupational Groups;
  • who have rendered a minimum of 10 years service on 1-12-1991 in the offices/Services/Groups mentioned at (i) and (ii) above;
  • ex-Armed Forces personnel, former provincial government employees and employees of autonomous/semi-autonomous bodies and public corporations under the control of the Federal Government who have been absorbed on regular basis in Ministries, Divisions and Attach Departments and their subordinate offices or regularly constituted Federal Services/Groups provided they have on 1-12-1991 rendered minimum of 10 years service including 5 years after absorption;
  • Federal Government employees re-employed from the date of their retirement after the age of superannuation on the same terms and conditions as the regular employees in service on 1-12-1991;
  • Federal Government employees having a share not constituting an independent unit in a house;
  1. The following categories of employees are not eligible to participate in Phase II of the Scheme:-

(I) Members of the Defense Forces, including civilian workers paid from defence budgets, but not those who work for departments that have been designated as attached departments.

(ii) Employees of Pakistan Railways are. 

(iii) Employees of public businesses and autonomous/semi-autonomous organisations make up the group.

(iv) Federal Government employees, including those who have retired, who own homes, apartments, or residential plots in Islamabad or Rawalpindi either in their names or in the words of dependant family members.

(v) Federal Government employees—including those who have retired—who have ever been given a residential apartment or flat in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, either in their names or in the names of their spouses, by the Capital Development Authority, the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority, the Defence Housing Authorities, or any other agency under the control of the government.

Enlistment Fee:

The candidates must pay Rs. 500.00 (non-refundable) at the designated National Bank of Pakistan branches in exchange for a bank receipt, the details of which must be included in the application form.

Federal Government Housing Islamabad Paymnet Plans

As with other civil servants as defined by the Civil Servants Act of 1973, the Law & Justice Division will review the applications received from the judges and make recommendations for allotment after considering the established criteria for eligibility and allocation of plots.

Applications from Federal Government employees, employees of autonomous/semi-autonomous organizations, and employees of public sector corporations under the administrative control of the Federal Government, including those of retired people, shall be scrutinized by the Housing Authority. Allotments to the journalists shall be made on the recommendations of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which will develop criteria for the purpose.


The application processing method and the precedence for allocation purposes shall be established in the order of the applicant’s date of birth. The seniority of widows of federal government employees and those who got disabled while on the job will be decided based on how long the deceased or crippled employee had worked for the federal government.


The applicants are required to deposit Rs 500.00 (non-refundable) as an enlistment fee or the Scheme with the specified branches of the National Bank of Pakistan against the Bank’s receipt, particulars of which should be incorporated in the application form given in the brochure..

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