Crude Oil at Cheap Rates Coming From Russia


In a recent development, Mr. Musadik Masood Malik, Minister of State, indicated that Pakistan would purchase discounted crude oil from Russia. He emphasised that Russia and Central Asia can be reached via Pakistan. To celebrate the arrival of a ship from a Russian private shipping company, a celebration was conducted at Karachi port.

Musadik Malik Statement :

According to Mr. Musadik, the pressure to only buy oil from Russia has been removed by the present administration’s policies, and Pakistan can now take advantage of Russia’s affordable crude oil supply. He said that the US has no issues with Pakistan purchasing oil from Russia.
Although Mr Musadik acknowledged that Pakistanis have expressed interest in purchasing petrol from Iran, he emphasised that Pakistan does not wish to impose sanctions on Iran and will instead benefit from the affordable Russian crude oil.

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He added that Pakistan wants to strengthen its commercial ties and is working to find a deal to buy two oil-fueled aircraft from a Gulf nation. Pakistan has already made its first order for Russian oil imports at a reduced price of up to $18 per barrel as a test, and the shipment is anticipated to arrive in the first week of June.

Moscow Offers to Islamabad :

Moscow has provided Islamabad with a discount to equal the cost and freight of higher-quality Arab Light oil, which Pakistani refineries already process. According to Mr Musadik, Imran Khan was criticised for making every problem political. Even more, Russia has suggested a variety of payment options, including the Chinese yuan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) dirham, and the Russian ruble.
Pakistan is to assess the economic viability of processing Russian crude oil to create petroleum products in an effort to possibly lower the cost of the nation’s energy imports. The world wants to see Pakistan leading in commerce, he continued, and an arrangement would be reached to purchase two jets fuel-powered aircraft from the Gulf nation. The first order of oil, which is anticipated to arrive in the first week of June, has been placed for import at a discount of up to $18 per barrel from Russia.

Knowledge of Russia's Position:

Due to its extensive reserves and capacity to produce significant amounts of crude oil, Russia has long been a significant player in the global oil business. It has a significant role in determining the dynamics of global supply and demand as one of the leading producers of oil in the globe. Russia has enormous influence over oil prices thanks to its vast reserves and sizable production capacity at its state-owned oil corporations.

Reasons for the Low Rates:

Russia’s capacity to provide crude oil at extraordinarily low prices has been facilitated by a number of factors:

  • Geopolitical motives: Russia’s decision to reduce oil prices might be viewed as a strategic geopolitical act with a number of goals in mind. With the intention of securing a larger market share and undermining its power, Russia puts pressure on its rivals, mainly the United States and Saudi Arabia, by flooding the market with cheap oil.
  • Economic Considerations: Russia’s economy is highly dependent on oil exports, which generate a sizable amount of the nation’s revenue. Even if it means accepting lesser profits in the short term, Russia wants to maintain its market dominance and possibly outperform rivals in the long run.
  • Production Capability and Cost Effectiveness: Compared to certain other major oil-producing countries, Russia has relatively reduced extraction costs thanks to its substantial production capacities. Russia has a competitive advantage because of its cost-effectiveness, which allows it to supply oil at lower prices without considerably reducing profits.

Global Consequences:

The availability of cheap Russian crude oil has a wide range of ramifications for many stakeholders:

  • Consumers: Lower crude oil prices directly affect consumers because they may result in cheaper transportation, lower fuel prices, and possibly lower prices for goods and services. This might boost economic development and benefit consumers everywhere, easing the burden on people, companies, and sectors that depend significantly on oil-based products.
  • Competing Oil Producers: Other oil-producing countries, particularly those with greater production costs, have difficulties as a result of Russia’s low oil prices. They are forced to reevaluate their plans and maybe make changes to stay competitive, which could involve reducing costs, diversifying their business, or improving the efficiency of their production methods.
  • Global Energy Transition: The current global energy transition may be affected by the availability of inexpensive crude oil. Investments in renewable energy sources may be slowed by lower oil prices as fossil fuels become comparably more cost-competitive. Environmental issues, however, and long-term sustainability goals


The decision by Pakistan to buy discounted crude oil from Russia, which was marked by the Russian ship’s arrival at the Karachi port, is a strategic move towards supplying Pakistan’s energy needs and promoting economic relations. In the years to come, this development may alter the dynamics of the world energy market and further solidify Pakistan’s relations with Russia.


Pakistan wants to meet its energy needs while keeping prices to a minimum. The nation can benefit from low oil prices by purchasing discounted crude oil from Russia, which will have a good effect on a number of economic sectors.

 Pakistan’s position offers strategic benefits because it enables us access to Central Asia and Russia. This creates chances for these regions and us to collaborate economically and work together on energy projects.

The welcome of a ship from a Russian private shipping company is celebrated at Karachi port, signifying the strengthening links between Pakistan and Russia. It serves as a celebration of the beginning of the project and emphasises the excitement surrounding this fresh alliance.

The supply of inexpensive Russian crude oil will have a direct influence on a number of economic sectors in Pakistan. Consumers, companies, and sectors dependent on oil-based products will experience lower costs as a result, promoting economic growth.

 Russia’s importance as a significant player in the international oil market is shown by Pakistan’s decision to buy cheap crude oil from Russia. It demonstrates Russia’s ability to offer oil at cheap prices and could persuade other countries to look into options for similar energy cooperation.

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